The Bizmarketing Group | SmartestOutbound: Generating Qualified Sales Leads For Our Clients
Our SmartestOutbound English Speaking Call Centre in the Philippines and our Arabic Speaking Call Centre in the KSA can perform the following roles for your organisation; all of which will contribute to higher and faster revenue generation.
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Using our SmartestOutbound services we can help your CEO and Sales and Marketing Professionals turn their wish for Qualified Sales Leads into reality…
Blank white paper notebook
Blank white paper notebook
Blank white paper notebook
Blank white paper notebook
Our SmartestOutbound English Speaking Call Centre in the Philippines and our Arabic Speaking Call Centre in the KSA can perform the following roles for your organisation; all of which will contribute to higher and faster revenue generation…

  • Generate a constant flow of qualified sales leads
  • Research fresh targets to expand your sales reach


  • Enhancing existing data with social media profiling
  • Keep your marketing databases clean and accurate
  • Existing data manipulation and de-duplication
  • Business card or handwritten form transcription

About Our Specialists
Our Outbound Specialists are multi-skilled, so they can not only build a prospect database from scratch and enhance your existing data-sets, they will manage the outbound marketing program, qualify the sales leads and liaise with your Sales Team on the scheduled sales calls and meetings.
We will assign the required number of Outbound Specialists to work exclusively for your organsisation and generate sales leads.
Our Outbound Specialists are specifically selected for their clear pronunciation and softly spoken voices. This enables them to smoothly achieve their goals, whether it is data research or qualifying a sales lead.
Our SmartestOutbound Specialists are managed and quality controlled by our Project Managers and Data Quality Control staff, and the accuracy and integrity of the data provided is guaranteed.

The Budget
The cost-effective Smart > Smarter > Smartest modules are focused on generating sales leads.
You can start with a sophisticated mailing strategy and move up to having your own dedicated tele-marketing team who will book appointments and liaise directly with your sales team and expand your database.
x12 months
x12 months
x12 months
Free Lead Performance Dashboard
View sales leads generation stats 24/7
Free screen installed in your offices
Outbound Email
Standard: 8 mailings a year
Standard: 5,000 contacts per mailing
Template to build your own emails
Tele-Marketing [Openers]
Standard: 8 call-downs a year
Standard: Call 100 email openers / mailer
Tele-Marketing [Preferred Prospects]
Standard: 8 call-downs a year
Standard: Call 400 email recipients / mailer
Tele-Qualify Sales Leads
Qualify interested leads according to BANT
Arrange + confirm sales meetings
Liaise with your sales team
New Data Build - Fresh Prospects
Standard: 8 months a year
Standard: 400 Verified Contacts / Month
And the more Outbound Specialists you reserve for the year, the more economical it gets.
Plus you can add a whole range of additional services to tailor the service to your precise needs…
Optional Extras
Standard Rates
Khaleeji Arabic Speaking Outbound Caller
Gain immediate respect and understanding by communicating in the same language and culture
$2,500 / Month
Inbound 9-5 Hotline
Standard: 20 inbound calls per month
$250 / Month
Design + Copywrite Emails
Add oomph and ROI to your emailers
$350 / Mailer
Web Live-Chat 24/7
Staff your website and turn your visitors into qualified leads
$700 Setup
$500 / Month
Existing Data - Enhance + Expand [Tele-Re-Verify]
Standard: 700 Verified Contacts / Month
$980 / Month
New Data Build - Fresh Prospects [Tele-Research]
Standard: 600 Verified Contacts / Month
$980 / Month
International & Mobile Call Charges
Calls from the Philippines at VOIP rates
At Cost

If you would like to talk to us about our SmartestOutbound services then please call us on +971-4-3911655 or send us a Call Back Request.

The Bizmarketing Group does not accept payment in the form of commissions, performance or profit sharing schemes.
We charge a monthly fee per desk per month in advance.
Specialist Services
You can also plug-in additional marketing media into your SmartestOutbound contract to widen the reach of your sales activities.

Key Benefit: All the latest qualified leads, prospects and opportunities will be instantly accessible to your sales team via their smart-phones when they are in the field.

Key Benefit: You can invite the key buyers to your stand, profile their requirements on your stand, and conduct a mass post event tele-follow-up.

Key Benefit: You will be able to see which buyers are truly serious and invested their time at your event. So you can generate a better ROI from your investment.

If you would like to discuss your requirements please call us on +971-4-3911655 or send us a Call Back Request.